What we do

You can come to observe a herd of red deer, or stay in our meadow for a day picnic, as well as spend some nights with a camper or in a tent.

You and your kids are invited to celebrate in our meadow in a scout style, or any other style of your choice.

We offer you an inflatable boat rent, so you can relax fishing or swimming, or go to another shore of Kernave lake for sightseeing or dinner.

Or you can rent our bikes and explore Kernave and its surroundings properly.

One of the most extraordinary experiences that we offer is a magical journey to an old oak wood with a guide.

Red deer therapy

Since August 2018, when we brought our first shy red deer, they turned into cozy and (almost) domestic animals.

When they notice a stranger at the fence, they trot away for a short while, but if one behaves quiet and silent, the deer will soon return.

Minutes of watching them eating the grass, resting on the hay, or deer mothers lovingly licking their children can turn into hours and hours of meditation.

Take your time, stay as long as you wish – there is no time limitation for relaxation and feeling positive energy. Time with red deer works similar to world famous horse or dolphin therapies.

Night in nature

Romance at the campfire in the evening, whooping cranes in the light of a rising sun, morning dew under your feet. In our meadow, you can spend the night in a tent or hammock and enjoy the beauty, sounds and smells of nature.

You can bring your own tents and hammocks, or we can can rent you spacious and comfortable ones, suitable for 4 people.

Old oak wood with a guide

In a walking distance from our meadows, there is a mysterious place where not many people have been.

Some oaks that grow on the forgotten barrows are so thick that three men can not hug them.

Even a short time in this wood charges a person with extraordinary energy. It’s a charming and spiritual place, worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

A meadow for entertainment

In a 2.5-hectare (6 acre) meadow you can stay for a day or night, or as many nights as you wish in a camper or a tent. It is a perfect place to relax, celebrate with family or friends, hold your child’s birthday party. Kids and adults can play football, walleyball, badminton and other field games as well as just relax sunbathing.

You can spend time fishing (but do not forget to take your fishing equipment and a fisherman’s ticket!), or rent a bicycle and explore Kernavė and its surroundings. And afterwards, reward yourself with a refreshing  swim in our pond or a wild lake.

A scout-style birthday party

We can organize a scouting birthday  – an experienced scout leader will keep your children busy and teach them lots of scouting secrets. And they will never forget a unique taste of a soup made on a campfire.

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